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20 Years of Red Mars PDF Print E-mail
Written by Kimon   
Thursday, 20 December 2012 08:55

RED MARS was first published in September 1992 (HarperCollins, UK) and received a wider release in February 1993 (Bantam Spectra, USA), thus beginning the release of the MARS trilogy.

2312, a novel reimagining a future like that of that trilogy and extending it further in time, was released nearly exactly 20 years later: May 2012 for the hardcover, and the paperback is coming in Summer 2013!

To celebrate this anniversary, Ludovic Celle has created the montage below! You can find a higher definition version of that image here, or on Ludovic's Da Vinci Mars Design blog.

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Carol Shetler  - Jevons' Paradox in 2312 |2013-02-19 04:13:23
Mr. Robinson "quoted" Jevons' Paradox on page 305 of his book 2312, stating that it said: "The better human technology gets, the more harm we do with it."

Upon searching Jevons' Paradox in several sources, the actual definition of this term is: "The efficiency with which a resource is used increases the rate of consumption of that resource."

Mr. Robinson's interpretation of this paradox therefore seems to be rather a wide extrapolation from the basic statement. I would be interested to learn how he arrived at his interpretation -- just through observation of the amount of human history he has lived through and what he projects will happen, or through some other analysis.

Thanks very much for any clarification that can be provided.

Let me conclude that I have read every one of Mr. Robinson's books to date, and had the pleasure of a brief introduction at Con'spiracy the 1987 World Science Fiction Convention, in Brighton England. At the time he was ...
Phil Mullins  - red mars |2015-09-29 01:42:12
I love every book of yours that I have read,I am reading the MARS Trilogy for my 3rd time.. Just got BLUE MARS so now I have 3 at once so I am enjoying it again with no breaks, I see there may be a movie on RED MARS,, Can you say where the movie is at this point. is it a go or no go.. I am hoping it is a go..
Thank You for your books..

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