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Written by Kimon   
Sunday, 27 September 2009 08:50

The forum is under construction and will be available very soon.

On the menu:

- discussions of Robinson's works
- discussions of real-world issues such as the negociations on international agreements on climate change
- and anything that might come up

In the meantime, you can check the individual novels and stories pages and post your impressions and reviews.

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Adem |2009-10-14 21:43:39

Je dois dire que j'ai eu du mal, mais terminer la Trilogie Martienne m'a vraiment fait beaucoup de bien. Une petite pause en passant par d'autres auteurs, mais vivement "Les Martiens", "Chroniques des Années Noires", et, malheureusement, bien d'autres sont très mal distribués en Belgique.

Malgré un style parfois soporifique, la richesse de contenu submerge le lecteur féru de sciences humaines, de géographie, de physique, d'astronomie, de génétique, ou encore de biologie.

Impossible bien sûr de tout retenir, de tout assimiler... Et on ne résume pas 15 ans de travail en 2000 pages.

J'ignore dans quelle mesure les Martiens approfondissent les rapprochements avec d'authentiques disciplines scientifiques (la sociologie par exemple), mais ce qui est sûr c'est que lire KSR est une expérience unique pour tout féru de SF... Certes un futur incontournable! Déjà que là... 8)
David DelMonte  - NASA/JPL Solar System Ambassador - among other thi |2010-01-12 03:33:15
I've never read a quartet (including The Martians) twice with the possible exception of The Foundation Series but I'm too old to remember.

I just wanted to thank Dr. Kim for his work. I'm now back to Red Mars for the third time in a year.

It's the next best thing to being there.

Marshall Cohen |2010-02-07 20:02:06
Really struggling with Galileo's Dream. Like the premise and the plot but the "hard science" is way overdone and boring and detracting from the story. Either Galileo is sour and a grouch or immersed in stuff I just do not understand to that depth. Would love to finish but have put it down for now. I read a lot of sci-fi, but this one is out of balance if you ask me.
Marshall Cohen |2010-02-07 20:04:54
I am really struggling with Galileo's Dream. I like the premise and plot ideas, but the "hard science" is way overdone , boring and detracts from the story in my judgment. Galileo is either grouchy and sour or immersed too deep in temporal physics I do not understand and cannot relate to the overall story. Ilike science fiction and read a lot, but I have put this one down halfway through. Too much other stuff to read that I will like better.
Snow |2010-05-03 21:38:43
Watching Bill Moyers talk with Jim Hightower, Hightower while discussing the revolution, so to speak, gets into the co-op movement a bit, talking about how widespread and under-reported the movement is. I just re-read Antarctica a week or so ago, and KSR also went into some detail about how that movement is growing. Other than food co-ops, which I've belonged to for decades, and credit unions (ditto), I'm hard-pressed to find other co-ops. Would love to find a health plan co-op, for example. I've done a little searching for a co-op directory of some sort but with very little luck. Anyone know of such a thing?
Valentina  - Just read one of your books for first time |2010-08-04 23:30:12
I just finished the first book of yours I have ever read (not the first you wrote as I understand it): Sixty Days & Counting. WOW! That was a compelling read! I liked how you build up each character slowly and how the story was told from various people's perspectives from Phil Chase to little Joe. Fantastic! Can't wait to add more of your books to my personal library right along side David Eddings! Thank you!
BatmanBTK  - Amazing |2010-11-08 09:55:12

J'ai lu les 3 livres mars la rouge, la verte et la bleue, et ils ont littéralement changé ma façon de voir les choses.
Le système politique, basé sur l'éco-économie, est vraiment passionnant.

Bien que ces livres soient un peu longs parfois (les parties avec Ann me semblent un peu ennuyeuses), et qu'à d'autres ils ne le soient pas assez (certaines technologies sont peu décrites), la globalité de la trilogie est vraiment géniale.

Kim Stanley est à mes yeux un génie, et j'espère qu'il va poursuivre ses talents d'écrivain, sociologue, économiste et scientifique amateur.
Kay |2010-11-27 12:11:29
I am trying to track down a story about a geographer in ancient Egypt who met a feathered alien spaceperson, all of which led to the Egyptians' religious part man part animal gods, and also in it was the pharos of Alexandria. I think it was by KSR. Does anyone know?
AlbinoFlea |2011-04-05 19:50:27
That definitely doesn't sound like anything by KSR; you might want to try posting at
gary, toulouse,frr  - fifty degree below |2011-12-28 00:55:08
I m enjoying this ''science in the capital'' very much... although Frank's considerations are bit lenghty and i felt like something is missing in the 'conversio'.

It might sound odd, but your fiction brings much more reality to the environmental issues than all the serious stuff i may read.
Not so odd you may tell since that's what well writen fiction does...bring in the emotions without which there is no full human experience of reality.
But still odd for I still can feel reality in fact based litterature.

The cause i'm sure is the optimist (or proactive) stance in the novel.
It's too often that my hearing / reading on these issues is hampered by what i feel to be an undercurrent of resentment wishing to resolve in catastrophes.

I had a look at wikipedia concerning the THC slowdown and the little ice age before feeling like to get to know what you would say after what seems like researches telling it might not be, let's say, as big as that... is this article tampered ...
gary, toulouse,frr  - 50 degrees above |2011-12-28 00:56:23
I m enjoying this ''science in the capital'' very much... although Frank's considerations are bit lenghty and i felt like something is missing in the 'conversio'.

It might sound odd, but your fiction brings much more reality to the environmental issues than all the serious stuff i may read.
Not so odd you may tell since that's what well writen fiction does...bring in the emotions without which there is no full human experience of reality.
But still odd for I still can feel reality in fact based litterature.

The cause i'm sure is the optimist (or proactive) stance in the novel.
It's too often that my hearing / reading on these issues is hampered by what i feel to be an undercurrent of resentment wishing to resolve in catastrophes.

I had a look at wikipedia concerning the THC slowdown and the little ice age before feeling like to get to know what you would say after what seems like researches telling it might not be, let's say, as big as that... is this article tampered ...
gary  - continued |2011-12-28 01:03:25
s big as that... is this article tampered by the ''Climate change does not exist'' afficionados ?

Do you know of any source that is vulgarising on environment without that gilt that sours so many discourses, steaming my glasses.

Michael Knopf  - ten forms of change |2012-02-02 08:03:53
Just wanting to find out what was the source for KSR's thinking in defining the ten forms of change in music and physics in the Memory of Whiteness?
Albinoflea |2012-03-18 01:52:24
The book that inspired the Ten Forms of Change is Wilson Coker's Music & Meaning: A Theoretical Introduction to Musical Aesthetics (1972)

See specifically the "brief listing and definition to the main kinds of developing operation" on page 83.
marcus ruiz evans  - new book on California independence |2012-06-07 20:38:23
A newly-published book on California becoming an independent nation is available on, called "California's Next Century."
I saw while researching this book that you had already written on topics about the future welfare of this great state.
I was hoping that you might be interested in this book, and would consider posting a comment about it on the site.
I am more than willing to send you free copies of the book at any time.
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jason ostrowick |2012-07-04 13:37:03

was wondering if you guys have any links on the site to pro mars colonising websites like Mars-One
Kimon  - re: ...... |2012-07-09 23:00:30
There are a few. There's the Mars Initiative:
The Planetary Society:
New Mars:
The Mars Society:
And check out Space X's Elon Musk too:
Everard  - ...... |2012-07-05 20:15:42
_,This so good stuff keep up the good work. I read a lot of blogs on a daily basis and for the most part just wanted to make a quick comment to say I??™m glad I found your blog.
Leonard David  - article - notes Kim's comments |2012-08-01 18:21:29
Article includes comments from Kim:

Daring Mars Rover Landing Has High Stakes for NASA

by Leonard David,’s Space Insider Columnist

Date: 01 August 2012 Time: 11:44 AM ET ml
Jackie  - Blue Mars: KSR's thoughts on genital mutilation |2012-08-15 21:12:05
I love the Red Mars trilogy and was re-reading it, when I came upon something that Jackie said in Blue Mars: she mentions that if they allow individual towns and cultures too much autonomy, they could end up with a place that practices (gasp) female genital mutilation.

I'm wondering why KSR singled out female genital mutilation, and didn't mention male genital mutilation? Non-consensual circumcision is practiced by Judaism, and earlier in Green Mars the character create the Dorsa Brevia document which unthinkingly enshrines the right to religious freedom, without any mention of how to protect young boys and girls from having their bodies mutilated.

If KSR were to write these books today, would he still have Jackie single out only *female* circumcision and make no mention of the plight of young boys in these same cultures?
Kimon |2012-10-01 08:16:32
Knowing Jackie's character, it seems natural for her to single out *female* body mutilation, most likely forced upon them by men, rather than bodily mutilation in general -- I don't think a character's words have to be taken as KSR's opinions always.

On religious freedom being enshrined in the Dorsa Brevia document, I'm guessing there must be an article or clause stating that self-determination over one self takes precedence over all else, including religious freedom. I would have to check the Dorsa Brevia and the Mars Constitution to make sure.
Gene Partlow |2012-08-19 07:32:38
Hi. I am a fan of Red, Green, & Blue Mars (and any other color he might put together too.)

I don't have any of the Mars trilogy in hand, but I seem to remember a section where Robinson states that, by this time, most real political decisiveness [if not actual real power?] had transferred over into the hands of women, rather than the millennia old system dominated by male agendas. I could have this completely wrong, but if not, does the author go more into the where, how and why of this possible
future phenomenon (possibly quite desirable if the truth be known).
Perhaps in some essays?

Gene Partlow
Kimon |2012-10-01 08:40:38
I remember a lot of power going to women in Blue Mars, mainly due to the Dorsa Brevia Group and Jackie. I don't remember that necessarily "most" decisions went to women, however I would have to check.

KSR has mentioned woman empowerment (and widespread access to contraception) as perhaps the best way towards social justice and battling climate change, so this is something he talks about often. But apart from the Mars trilogy I don't remember him writing about how it would come about in other works -- it's just there, naturally! There's a lot about gender in 2312, and in the short story "Sexual Dimorphism" (The Martians); there's some of it from the evolutionary psychology point of view in the "Science in the Capital" troligy too.
Jim  - Updates to Red Mars |2012-11-30 14:54:46
Hi all! I read the Mars series back in college, and was impressed by the way that the technology in Red Mars seemed to be well-researched, based on the technology of the day.

I'd like to ask KSR -- what would he change about that, given the events of the last fifteen years? The retirement of the shuttle program in particular and the unavailability of external tanks to build the Ares would be an obvious place to start, as would the relative rise of China and India as spacefaring powers.

Does KSR still believe that it's plausible for the first man on Mars to have been born in 1976?
Ramzi Suleiman  - I need help |2012-12-11 21:12:42
I need to contact Mr. Kim Stanley Robinson. It's urgent for me and I need help with finding his e-mail address at least, or any other method to contact him.
pavel  - mars trilogy paperback |2013-01-03 21:52:27
hey everyone,
i wanted to buy the mars trilogy, but in amazon there's only mass market paperback versions. anyone knows where can i order not a mass market version?
CDRscotty  - 2312! |2013-01-17 19:21:38
I heard a reviewer on NPR recommend 2312 as their best SF pick for 2012.

How right they were! I just finished the audiobook version and I cannot begin to express how amazing this book is.

The quality of writing, the vocabulary, the science (hard and social), the characters, the "scenery", the use of Lists and Extracts, the Quantum Walks... all conspire to weave an extraordinary tale.

This must sound a bit like a gushy fanboy, but I am 54 and have been reading SF since grade school. This is some of the best SF ever!

Thank you very much Mr. Robinson!!
Jan Bless  - Magdalenian period |2013-03-12 23:40:49
As an appetiser to Shaman can II recommend 'Spirits of the Mothers' by Cristi Fernández Narvaíza? This pseudo-scientific book highlights the plight of our ancestors 15,000 years ago. The chapters skilfully alternate between a narrative followed by facts, figures and the author's conclusion. I read it in one sitting and wished other science based books used such style. I look forward to Shaman with this little book's knowledge in mind.
Greg  - Contacts Needed |2013-04-03 00:25:21
Hi, my name is Greg. I've surfed the web through and couldn't find any trace of Kim Stanley Robinson. The question is about translation his books into Russian and publishing them in Russia, but still I cannot find neither him, nor his lobbyists. If you can help me somehow, please respond.
Sincerely, Greg.
Greg |2013-04-03 00:25:42
Hi, my name is Greg. I've surfed the web through and couldn't find any trace of Kim Stanley Robinson. The question is about translation his books into Russian and publishing them in Russia, but still I cannot find neither him, nor his lobbyists. If you can help me somehow, please respond via the e-mail.
Sincerely, Greg.
Gregory  - Contacts or any actual Needed |2013-04-03 00:27:56
Hi, my name is Greg. I've surfed the web through and couldn't find any trace of Kim Stanley Robinson, which as I know was published via your agency. The question is about translation his books into Russian and publishing them in Russia, but still I cannot find neither him, nor his lobbyists. If you can help me somehow, please respond via the e-mail.
Sincerely, Greg.
Dimitar Dimitrov  - Question on Red Mars |2013-05-08 14:28:47
Dear friends co-fans of KSR I have two questions about the story of Red Mars:
Why John Boon dies in the beginning?
And which is the exact year of the landing - 2027 according to 9 months flight from 21 Dec. 2026 or 2037 according to John Boon's calculation of year M 10 - 2047 when the truck falls?
Thank you!
Andy Swan  - Memory of Whiteness digital edition? |2013-05-10 15:33:03
Does anyone know if it is possible to buy a digital copy of memory of whiteness anywhere? I mostly only read things on my phone these days because I always have it with me.
Bruno Mota  - Bruno |2013-08-14 22:29:52
A couple of decades ago I read KSR's story "A History of the Twentieth Century, with Illustrations". Much of it consists of a travelogue around Orkney, and in particular the neolithic village of Skara Brae. Ever since I've had this desire to visit the place, and now I finally did it.

It is hard to describe why I feel such a strong connection to those neolithic sites, but in a way it was like half-seeing the invention of civilization, a cultural revolution that brought about technological and ideological concepts that we now take for granted.

In any case, I'm not sure this is the proper forum for this, and I apologize if it is not, but I wanted to share this. I've put some pictures up (, and a blog post (n Portuguese) dres_14.html, so people can have some idea of what I've seen and why it affected me this way.
Michael Fantus |2013-08-30 12:19:31
I just finished 2312 and I found it so compelling I couldn't put it down. I think the author's love and fear of humanity is in tune with the anxiety all of us feel right now- troubled times that we could all participate in fixing.

I thought the outpouring of technical data alongside the fiction or even scifi fantasy to be in good balance, very enjoyable.

One note- Laksmi is not Kali's boss. Read the Devi Mahatmyam.:)
tlfmd  - Tropical Storm Sandy |2013-09-02 19:13:28
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Jamie |2014-02-24 17:36:26
I am reading 'the years of rice and salt' after thoroughly enjoying the Mars series and 2312, and I would really benefit from being able to express me gratitude to the great KSR, is there any way to directly reach him? (Email or an old fashioned letter for example?)
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We are a bunch of volunteers and starting a new scheme in our community. Your website provided us with helpful info to work on. You've performed an impressive process and our entire neighborhood will likely be thankful to you.
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