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This is a list of interviews and guest appearances in conferences or events of Kim Stanley Robinson.

See also the list for Kim Stanley Robinson's non-fiction writings, which include articles he himself wrote.

For a shortlist of KSR's very best interviews, see Stan's Favorites!

Note: This page lists interviews that we are currently aware of. It is updated every time a new interview becomes available, but it is not a complete list. You can contribute if you know of an interview that is not on this list. Many thanks go to the members of the Demimonde forum, who contributed in creating this list.












  • Sci-Fi Writer Happy with Mars Results, All Things Considered, NPR audio. (January 4, 2004)
  • Eye on Books (2004)






  • Infinity Plus: Wilderness, Utopia, History: An Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson (October, 1999)
    • also translated into French as Nature, Utopie et Histoire, Galaxies n° 15 (Dec 1999)
  • Mars Millennium Project (August 26, 1999)
  • HarperCollins (1999)(courtesy of
  • From Mars to Antarctica (1999) (courtesy
  • A Farewell to Mars, Dreamwatch, (April 1999) (in print)
  • Szenarien der Zukunft sind wie Gedankenexperimente in der Physik: Ein Gespräch mit Kim Stanley Robinson, from Das Science Fiction Jahr 2000 (conducted March 1999, in print June 2000) (in German)
  • online chat with Kim Stanley Robinson, Geoffrey A. Landis & Gardner Dozois - transcript offline, accessible via (February 9, 1999)




  • Red Scout, Green Scout, Sci-Fi Universe (in print) (December 1996)
  • The Mars Trilogy: An interview, Foundation #68 (in print) (Autumn 1996)
  • Life? It's Just an Old Martian Band Tune The New York Daily News (in print) (Aug 8, 1996); also later in a slightly expanded version, Writers See Red Dawn Vindicated: Authors Say Sci-Fie on Those Who Downplayed Mars (Aug 12, 1996)
  • Kim Stanley Robinson : Le plaisir d'écrire..., Ozone #3 (in print) (in French) (August 1996)
  • Science Fiction Weekly #23 - offline, accessible via (June, 1996)
  • SFX #14, (July 1996)
  • Kim Stanley Robinson, The Edge Magazine (May 1996)
  • Mars on Earth, Locus (in print) (March, 1996)
  • From the Shores of California to the Sands of Mars, Pirate Writings #9 (in print) (1996)
  • Printed Matter (January, 21, 1996)


  • Mars in 3 Colors, ConNotations (Winter 1995)



  • "The Red Prophet: Kim Stanley Robinson, an Interview", by Kev McVeigh, Vector #175: 5-8 (in print) (December 1993/January 1994)
  • Je vais sur Mars, Yellow Submarine #104 (article, in French) (in print) (October, 1993)
  • The Man from Utopia, Territories: The Slipstream Journal #3 (in print) (Summer 1993)
  • An Earth-Man with a Mission, Eidolon #13 (in print) (July, 1993)
  • Science Fiction Studies (conducted June 19, 1993; first published March, 1994)
  • The Colors of Mars, Starlog #191, June 1993 (in print)
  • Ecology, episode of Prisoners of Gravity (video) (Original airdate: April 22, 1993) (KSR appears at 8:25-9:34, 11:13-13:00)
  • Green Light for Red Planet Blues, Interzone #70 (in print) (April, 1993)
    • reprinted as Kim Stanley Robinson Says Mars Is Making Eyes at Him, Wordsmiths of Wonder (in print) (October, 1993)
  • Utopia, episode of Prisoners of Gravity (video) (Original airdate: March 18, 1993)
  • Martian Chronicles: Kim Stanley Robinson Interviewed, Critical Wave #29 (in print) (February, 1993)


  • Advice, episode of Prisoners Of Gravity (video) (Original airdate: April 16, 1992)
  • Mars, episode of Prisoners Of Gravity (tv) (Original airdate: March 19, 1992)
  • Interview, Strange Plasma #5 (in print) (1992)


  • Alternate Histories, episode of Prisoners of Gravity (tv) (Original airdate: October 10, 1991)
  • Interview, Tales of the Unanticipated (in print) (Spring/Summer/Fall 1991)
  • Future is Name of Author's Game The Plain Dealer (Cleveland, Ohio) (in print) (June 21, 1991)
  • A childhood with no end; Author draws on youth for novel of the future The Orange County Register (in print) (Jan 19, 1991)


  • Entrevue : Kim Stanley Robinson, Solaris #85 (in print) (in French) (July 1989)
  • "Robinson on the Gulf Coast: Talking with Kim Stanley Robinson at Worldcon", Michael Sumbera, Glen Cox & Dwight Brown, Nova Express (in print) (Spring 1989)


  • Me in a mirror, Proxima spécial #4 (article, in French as L'homme dans le miroir) (in print) (November, 1988)
  • Entrevue avec Kim Stanley Robinson, Samizdat #14 (in print) (in French) (October 1988)
  • Future shock in OC; Former resident writes scary 21st-century tale The Orange County Register (in print) (Mar 27, 1988)
  • Future Shock The Washington Post (in print) (Feb 28, 1988)



  • Libération (in print) (in French) (September 21, 1986)
  • Entretien avec Kim Stanley Robinson, Univers 1986, in Science-Fiction #2012 (in print) (in French) (May 1986)


  • Rediscovered Treasure: Mars trilogy, interview with HarperCollins/Voyager publisher Jane Johnson (May 12, 2010)
  • Article by John Clute for Capclave 2006 (October 16, 2006)

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