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Hi. I recently started reading New York 2140. While it is based on an interesting premise, I did find some of the language and the way God's name was used a couple times hurtful. I think the book could still convey the characters' passion and emotions without using God's name in that way.

Thanks for listening.

I knew since I read the Mars series (and gave up on the last book) that Kim has an excellent knowledge of science and its possibilities, but that his knowledge of politics and finance is strictly lower class.

2312 was an excellent book, full on interesting ideas on the future of our solar system and the transforming of celestial bodies and the creation of new ones. It was a really interesting idea.  The novel kept one moving and anxious to continue to read.

However, now we come to New York 2140.  It has no interesting plot, it is boring, and it is a propaganda essay, which in its full context is an insane lie. Let’s point out some interesting observation on the book:

1.       Kim condemns, like most current liberals, the massive faults in our current government, industry and blames the 1% for their greedy “find the place that makes the most profit.”

2.       The issue with this is first, Kim is part of the 1%.  Of 7 billion people on earth, the 1% comprises anyone with an income of $400,000/per year and/or a new worth of around $800,000.

3.       That is a lot of people, (70M) including him and me.

4.       Kim seems to forget that without unbridled capitalism we would all still be living in caves and gathering roots and berries.  Is that what he wants?  Kim would condemn our ancestor who picked up a stick, hooked it to a horse and displaces four guys with sticks.  That is productivity and it is the only reason we are not still living in caves and gathering roots and berries.

Bottom line:  Great scientific ideas.  Poor understanding of capitalism and how it has created the “wealth of nations.”  Suggestion: Stay with the kind of novel like 2312.  That way, he will not demonstrate his poor understanding of the modern world of finance.

What is a Bacino??????

It's an Italian word related to the English "basin" which refers to a larger expanse of water that is still somewhat enclosed - bacini are to canals what plazas are to streets.

On page 510, about 2/3 of the way down: "Nightstick in one hand, hand on pistol in holster, ready to shout if she had to."

Should this be "shoot if she had to"?



First-time reader with a question:  In 2140, if the boys could not read, how were they able to read out the detailed epitaphs in the Bronx Cemetery?  Just asking.

On page 378, "a) the citizen" gives an inspiring overview of the non-carbon-based energy technologies, some already in existence, some imagined. I think this would be a wonderful excerpt to put online and spread it everywhere.I wonder if Mr. Robinson would think this a good idea? Just a thought, I'm not doing it!!!

Does anyone know of a list of the unique vocabulary words that KSR has invented & used in NY 20140?  (e.g., bacino, graphene, skyvillage)  I'd love to have a list of those words with definitions. It would help me understand a little better what I am reading. 

http://northwardho.blogspot.tw/2017/03/the-character-in-ksr-novel-ny2140.html -- Octaviasdottier in NY2140 is homage to Octavia Butler?

Dear futurists/sci fi fans

just by chance -- a new book on the future of New York City comes out just before Kim's in October, 2016, called Ecotopia 2121. It's filled with 100 full-color pics of what 100 Green cities of the future will possibly look like (if they survive the eco-catastrophes of today and go on to become super ecofriendly, that is).

You can get more info, and see some of these illustrations, at:



"...And then in 1664 two men named Albreckt von Treileben and Andreas Peckell who had previous experience salvaging valuables from shipwrecks succeeded where others had failed. They used a diving bell, which was the most advanced diving equipment available at the time. As the name suggests, it’s a large metal bell that traps a pocket of air as it is lowered into the water, providing an air supply for a diver. The divers worked to extract the cannons from the wreck in the pitch-black, frigid waters of the harbor for up to 30 minutes at a time. Despite such abominable conditions, von Treileben, Peckell and their team of divers managed to raise more than 50 of the Vasa’s 64 cannons over the course of a year. ..."

This is just a "thank you" to Kim Stanley Robinson for New York 2140
for the literary variety, from the encyclopedic style of James Joyce to the epigrams of an Adams,
for the believable characterization,
for the detailed setting,
for the provocative plot,
for the edificati0n,
and for the sheer entertainment value.
May his work continue from strength to strength.

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