The Martians


The Martians is a companion volume to the three volumes of the Mars trilogy, published in 1999. It is a short story collection, consisting of stories, poems, in-universe article excerpts, essays, and even meta/autobiographical stories ("Purple Mars"). Some of the stories were published before. Some stories do not take place in the same universe as the Mars trilogy; some others, while they share the same characters, are evidently alternate timelines to the trilogy.

It consists of the following stories:

  • Michel In Antarctica
  • Exploring Fossil Canyon
  • The Archaea Plot
  • The Way The Land Spoke To Us
  • Maya And Desmond
  • Four Teleological Trails
  • Discovering Life
  • Coyote Makes Trouble
  • Michel In Provence
  • Green Mars
  • Arthur Sternbach Brings The Curveball To Mars
  • Salt and Fresh
  • The Constitution Of Mars
  • Some Worknotes And Commentary On The Constitution, by Charlotte Dorsa Brevia
  • Jackie On Zo
  • Keeping The Flame
  • Saving Noctis Dam
  • Big Man In Love
  • An Argument For The Deployment Of All Safe Terraforming Technologies
  • Selected Abstracts From The Journal Of Areological Studies
  • Odessa
  • Sexual Dimorphism
  • Enough Is As Good As A Feast
  • What Matters
  • Coyote Remembers
  • Sax Moments
  • The Names Of The Canals
  • The Soundtrack
  • A Martian Romance
  • If Wang Wei Lived On Mars And Other Poems
  • Purple Mars

Publication History

  • Voyager, April 1999
  • Bantam Spectra, September 1999
  • Voyager, September 1999
  • Easton Press, 1999
  • Science Fiction Book Club, October 1999
  • Voyager, April 2000
  • Presses de la Cité, as Les Martiens (French Translation), September 2000
  • Libre Expression, as Les Martiens (French Translation), 2000
  • Bantam Spectra, October 2000
  • France Loisirs, as Les Martiens (French Translation), 2001
  • CNIB, audio book, 2002
  • Heyne, as Die Marsianer (German Translation), September 2002
  • Bantam Spectra e-Book, May 2003
  • Minotauro, as Los Marcianos (Spanish Translation), October 2003
  • Pocket, as Les Martiens (French Translation), May 2007
  • Kabalcı Yayınevi, as Marslılar (Turkish Translation), forthcoming (?)