Acheron was a city and an important research center in the early years of the colonization of Mars.

Acheron was founded in the late 2030s-early 2040s by Vlad Taneev when he moved his team of biotechnology researchers from Underhill. It was situated at Acheron Fossae in Arcadia Planitia. Some of the most advanced research in life sciences on the planet took place there, under the supervision of Taneev, Ursula Kohl and Marina Tokareva. Areobotanists and genetic engineers worked there to produce microorganisms, algae, lichen and plants that were released to the open Martian environment. During this time, Taneev and Tokareva also began developing ideas of an economic system that would be inspired by biology, what would become eco-economics.

In Acheron one of the most important medical breakthroughs of the 21st century was achieved: Taneev and Kohl invented the gerontological longevity treatment that extended human lifetime from eighty years to centuries.

Taneev, Kohl and Tokareva joined the Martian underground and Acheron was completely abandoned after the 2061 revolution. In the early 22nd century, Acheron was renovated by Praxis in an effort to draw its previous leaders out of the underground and join forces with Praxis.

Acheron was represented at the Pavonis constitutional congress of 2128 following the independence revolution. Taneev, Kohl and Tokareva moved back in Acheron and worked to making it once again into one of the biggest complexes of research laboratories on Mars. Kohl and Tokareva moved out when Taneev died late in the 22nd century.