Derek Hastings

Derek Hastings was an American executive and politician.

Derek Hastings
Positions NASA manager, UNTA manager
Affiliations UNTA
Gender Male
Birth USA
Death ca.2181-2206
Ancestors -
Descendants  ?

During the Ares mission that brought the First Hundred to Mars, he was head of NASA Mission Control in Houston and was the person to whom the American contingent was answerable to.

He was eventually assigned to key positions of power on Mars space and became head of the UNTA at Sheffield. When the Second Martian Revolution broke, he retrieved to New Clarke with the last of the UNTA forces. He was forced to violently retaliate against the Kakaze when they attempted to take down the space elevator cable.

He represented the UNTA to the Pavonis constitutional congress that followed.

He died late in the 22nd century from the quick decline.