Desmond Hawkins

Desmond Hawkins, often known as The Coyote was a stowaway in the Ares and was thus the unofficial hundred and first member of the First Hundred. An eternal anarchist, he was the most traveled man on Mars and his elusive nature made him the stuff of legend.

Desmond Hawkins
Positions "The Coyote"
Affiliations The underground
Gender Male
Appearance black hair, dreadlocks
Birth ca.1980
Trinidad and Tobago
Death -
Ancestors -
Descendants Nirgal

Pre-Mars life

Desmond was born circa 1980 in Trinidad and Tobago. He was a devoted anarchist and deeply political from his younger years. He closely befriended with Hiroko Ai in Cambridge. Hiroko freed him from a Trinidad jail, got him to Japan and from there to space as a construction worker for the Ares construction space station. Then she secretly boarded him on the Ares.

The Coyote of Mars

During the voyage out and during the settling of Underhill, he was taken care of by Hiroko's farm team. All the while he was preparing for when the Areophany would take off on its own, setting secret outposts and traveling on a secret rover. From very early on, he became the most traveled man on Mars, and a myth on the surface.

With Kasei and other Areophany children, he conducted sabotages on transnational installations. He contacted John Boone who was investigating on them.

The First Revolution and the Underground

He was the one who began the first revolution in Nicosia. After the revolution, he was a major player of the underground. He helped shape the economy of the underground by applying Vlad Taneev's ideas on eco-economics and the gift economy. He was the genetic father of Nirgal. After the burning of Sabishii, he looked for Hiroko everywhere and eventually gave up on believing on her survival. He often cooperated with the Reds or the Kakaze.

Later life

He was opposed to any form of government, even to the Martian government after the second revolution. Even late in his life, as an eternal nomad and anarchist, he enjoyed a good drink and making love through the night.