Kasei was a leader of the Reds, active in Marsfirst and the Kakaze.

Positions Kakaze leader
Affiliations RedsThe underground, Marsfirst, Kakaze
Gender Male
Birth ca.2036
Zygote, Mars
Death 2127
Sheffield, Mars
Ancestors Hiroko AiJohn Boone
Descendants Jackie

Early life

He was born in the Areophany team in circa 2036, in Zygote as it was first being settled. He was the nisei ectogene son of Hiroko Ai and John Boone (without John's knowledge).

one of the earliest members of the Martian underground, he wandered a lot across Mars with the Coyote and embraced Red views. He had fit a stone eyetooth as a recognition sign for Reds. With Coyote, he was responsible for many sabotages against transnational infrastructure in the 2040s-2050s.

During the 2061 revolution he helped rescue many of the First Hundred and bring them to Zygote. He was highly critical of the lack of organization of the revolution.

Radicalization and death

He was said to be frustrated at the fact that because of the longevity treatment the issei kept the reins of power and did not naturally cede it to the next generation. He became a Marsfirst leader.

He later became even more radicalized and a leader of the Kakaze. He was killed with many Kakaze and long-time friend Dao while trying to take the elevator cable from the UNTA by force at the second revolution.


His name means "fire star" in Japanese; this is also the Japanese name for the planet Mars. There is a Martian valley with the same name (Kasei Valles).