Maya Toitovna

Maya Katarina Toitovna was an important member of the First Hundred with a long political career on Mars.

Maya Toitovna
Positions Russian contingent coordinator
Affiliations First Hundred, Marsfirst,The underground
Gender Female
Appearance moody, beautiful
Birth Aug-05-1984
Death -
Ancestors (Georgian father)
Descendants none

Pre-Mars life

Maya was born on August 5th 1984 (perhaps 1985?) in Russia, of a Georgian father. She grew up living in a one-room apartment with her mother, who was a doctor involved in space medical research. She planted the idea in Maya’s head that cosmonautics was going to need an influx of women, even if only to provide female data in medical experiments. Thus Maya studied aeronautical engineering at Moscow University and was accepted to the cosmonaut program at Baikonur, where she began to build a reputation. She was repeatedly a cosmonaut aboard the Novy Mir space station, during which time she met with Nadia Cherneshevsky and Yeli Zudov, two future First Hundred members. She eventually became the commander of Novy Mir. Having climbed her way to administrative positions, Maya began to use her sexuality to enhance her leadership abilities in penetrating the Glavkosmos power strucuture. She worked in the administration in Baikonur and Moscow rising in rank, manipulating men in powerful positions and strategically playing them against each other, a method she would continue to employ later on Mars. In the process, she married once and divorced soon after.

The Underhill years

She was the Russian contingent coordinator for the First Hundred. Aboard the Ares, she was first the lover of Frank Chalmers, American contingent coordinator, and then the lover of John Boone. The love triangle went through many phases of love and hate throughout the years.

Political career

Maya became a leader of Marsfirst with Spencer Jackson and Samantha. After John's death, she became again the lover of Frank, though fighting was frequent.

The First Revolution and the Underground

After the first revolution she joined the Martian underground, eternally mourning the death of both John and Frank. Her relationship with Hiroko Ai was tense. She and Michel Duval became lovers. Michel helped her deal with her frequent mood changes, Maya became his life's project. She killed Phyllis Boyle while rescuing Sax Russell in Kasei Vallis, something for which Sax held a grudge against her for a long time.

Preparation of the Second Revolution

She returned to the surface world undercover in Odessa, where she became a major player in preparing the second revolution, and restraining the natives from a move that would come too early.

Ambassadorship to Terra and later life

She was one of the Martian ambassadors to Terra. Back on Mars, she moved to Odessa with Michel and bought a position in a credit co-op bank. A result of her unnaturally long life, her memory losses were very frequent and deliberately sought by Maya, who wanted to get rid of the multiple scars of the past. With the death of Michel, she lost her third lover. She attended the meeting of the First Hundred at Underhill organized by Sax, but was the only one not to take the memory treatment there. She lived the last years of her life in Odessa among friends.