Michel Duval

Michel Duval was an important member of the First Hundred, a psychologist and a widely recognized philosopher.

Michel Duval
Positions Psychologist
Affiliations First Hundred, Areophany,The underground
Gender Male
Birth 1986
Death 2206
Odessa, Mars
Ancestors -
Descendants none

Pre-Mars life

Michel was born in France in 1986 and grew up in Villefranche-sur-Mer and the Provence region. He lived near Vallabrix, North of Uzès, with a woman named Eve for two or three years. He became a psychologist and was made responsible for choosing the First Hundred among the candidates gathered in the Antarctica selection process. He was the last one to be added to the First Hundred as the psychologist of the group, and the only French.

Underhill and the Areophany

In Underhill, he developed the semantic rectangle of classification of characters. Soon enough, he grew homesick and when Hiroko's Areophany approached him, he joined them in vanishing from the surface. He found consolation with them and the hidden colony became his new family.

The Underground

During the first revolution, he helped rescue many of his old friends and bring them to Zygote. Following the demise of John and Frank, he and Maya Toitovna began a relationship that was to last the rest of their lives. Michel dedicated himself to assist Maya in her frequent cyclic moods and mental problems; she essentially became his life project. He helped retrieve Sax Russell from his captivity in Kasei Vallis. He was essential in Sax's subsequent recovery from brain trauma and aphasia; he and Sax became close friends.

Life at Odessa

He moved with Maya in Odessa, from which they prepared the independence revolution. Michel became one of Mars's (and Mankind's) greatest thinkers.

Ambassadorship to Terra and later life

Following the independence revolution, he was one of the Martian ambassadors to Terra in 2128. He used the opportunity of being back to Earth to visit Provence again; he found it to be extensively different from his memory and he chose to return on Mars.

He continued living with Maya in Odessa and often visiting Sax in Da Vinci. He planned to visit Provence again but died from the quick decline in 2206 in Odessa.