7 Jul 2015

Out now: AURORA!

Submitted by Kimon

Our voyage from Earth began generations ago.

Now, we approach our new home.


As of today July 7 2015, Kim Stanley Robinson's new novel, Aurora, is out! (hardcover, ebook, audiobook)

The first two reviews are from none other than Gerry Canavan in the Los Angeles Review of Books: "The Warm Equations" -- along with reviewing Neal Stephenson's Seveneves -- and it's relatively as spoiler-free as possible...

Aurora traces the story of one of the generation starships flung out from the solar system during the Accelerando, Robinson’s alternative name for the prophesied technological Singularity. In previous books these launches have always been something of a dead end: those explorers journey (as he says in 2312) “beyond human time, beyond human reach” into “a vastness beyond comprehension,” outside history itself. [...] I think Aurora may well be Robinson’s best novel.

...and from Gary K. Wolfe for the Locus of July 2015.

Podcasting duo Gary K. Wolfe and Jonathan Strahan also did an extensive interview with Stan for Coode Street here.

We are delighted to be able to present what is one of the first major discussions about this extraordinary new novel, which we think will prove to be one of the standout SF novels of 2015.

Stan also talked to the Verge ESP podcast, here.

More material -- and KSR tour! -- as it becomes available.

(banner image from Coode Street)


I had never read any of Kim Stanley Robinson’s books before AURORA,and I find it a good introduction to his work. I have begun reading RED MARS and I am already coming across many of the same concepts that AURORA develops in more concentrated form. The range of knowledge mobilised in this novel is encyclopaedic, but I never found the story dull. I would distinguish the pace of the action, which was sometimes slow, from the pace of the invention (action, ideas, and style). So I found it enjoyable and thought-provoking, and never slow-moving. My review is here: https://xenoswarm.wordpress.com/2015/07/15/no-starship-no-cry-aurora-by-...

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