Places in the Science In The Capital trilogy

This is a list of places encountered in the Science In The Capital trilogy, composed of Forty Signs Of Rain, Fifty Degrees Below and Sixty Days And Counting -- and re-edited in the omnibus Green Earth.

This page is in particular for those not familiar with Washington, DC, the main setting of the trilogy. The main setting for the trilogy is, of course, the nation's capital, Washington. There are frequent visits to California, a hub for biotechnologies research, and occasional visits to other places around the world (the island nation of Khembalung, the Atlantic ocean, China).

Washington, D.C., and surroundings

Washington, District of Columbia

  • The White House, the Mall, Washington Memorial, Vietnam Memorial, Korean War Memorial, FDR Memorial, the Capitol
  • Rock Creek Park
    • Site 21
    • Frank's treehouse
  • Smithsonian National Zoological Park (National Zoo)


  • The Quiblers' house

Arlington, Virginia

  • NSF Headquarters
  • Khembalung embassy
  • Khembalung Arlington House


  • UCSD
  • Torrey Pines Generique / RRCCES
  • Small Deliveries Systems
  • Leucadia


  • Mount Desert Island, Maine
  • Khembalung island nation, off Bangladesh