Spencer Jackson

Spencer Jackson was an American chemist and an important member of the First Hundred.

Spencer Jackson
Positions Chemist, aerospace expert
Affiliations First Hundred, Marsfirst, The demimonde
Gender Male
Birth USA
Death 2181
Odessa, Mars
Ancestors -
Descendants  ?

During the Underhill years, he was the lead chemist that designed and jump started Mars's first industrial effort. Through professional proximity, he developed a lasting friendship with Sax Russell. A man of technique and few words like Sax, Spencer rarely engaged in cosmological discussions and although he was loved his true character was quite an enigma to his peers. He enjoyed drinking alcohol and whiskey.

In the 2030s-2050s he worked as an aeronautical designer at Elysium using advanced materials and was the creator of the popular 16D airplanes: ultralite delta-winged four-seat turbojets made mostly of areogel and plastics, so light that they were dangerous to fly. During that time he was also a leader of the Marsfirst coalition with Maya Toitovna and Samantha.

After the revolution of 2061 he changed his identity to George Jackson in order to stay undercover and escape the hunt by UNOMA and transnational forces. He went working in Echus Overlook while keeping contact with the Martian underground, effectively becoming part of the demimonde. His work inside the Kasei Vallis high security compound allowed him and members of the underground to accomplish the rescue of Sax when he was taken there for questioning.

He joined the underground and worked in developing the aeronautical and aerospace industry at Vishniac Bogdanov. He was one of Sax's trustees during the lead-up to the Second Martian Revolution; his work resulted in neutralizing UNTA and metanational space weapons platforms, contributing in the revolution's success.

He continued working in materials and aerospace in a co-operative in Odessa, where he lived in the apartment next to Michel and Maya's. He became good friends with Michel and kept his friendship with Sax.

He died in Odessa in 2181 from the quick decline. His ashes were dispersed in the Martian air in high altitude thanks to a helium balloon.