Vlad Taneev

Vladimir Taneev ("Vlad") was an important member of the First Hundred.

Vlad Taneev
Positions Biomedicine team leader
Affiliations First Hundred, The underground
Gender Male
Birth ca.1968
Death ca.2181-2206
Ancestors -
Descendants none

Born circa 1968 in Russia, he was the oldest of the First Hundred. Before becoming part of the Russian contingent of the Ares mission he was already a Nobel prize winner for medicine.

The Underhill years

From the very first years in Underhill, he became the lover of both fellow Russians Ursula Kohl and Marina Tokareva. They formed a love triangle or ménage à trois that endured for the rest of their lives. The duo of Ursula and Vlad was also behind an impressive number of medical breakthroughs that occurred in the 21st century.

Vlad was a brilliant biologist and bioengineer as well. His biotech team created the first microorganisms that were designed for survival in the raw Martian environment. Breaking the UN rules on terraforming at the time and with the aid of Sax Russell, he released these organisms to the open air, along with windmills that would provide them heat.

The Acheron complex

In the 2030s, he moved his biotech complex from Underhill to the all-new Acheron, where he was the chief researcher. During this time, he and Marina began developing ideas of an economic system that would be inspired by biology: eco-economics. With Ursula, Vlad was the co-inventor of the gerontological treatment that dramatically extended human lifespan in the 2040s.

Developing eco-economics

After the failure of the 2061 revolution he moved to Zygote. With the Martian underground, he and Marina had the opportunity to fully mature their theories on eco-economics and put them to the practical test. Thanks to the help of the Coyote, the resulting gift economy became the chief economic system of the underground. Vlad and Marina used the lessons learnt from the gift economy to incorporate aspects of eco-economics in the Martian constitution and the legislature of the Martian government following the independence revolution. During the talks of the Pavonis constitutional congress, Vlad had to vehemently defend his ideas before younger generations of Martians that disregarded him as an outdated issei.

He went on to live in Acheron and was a key player in turning it once again into one of the biggest complexes of research laboratories on Mars.

He died from the quick decline somewhere between 2181 and 2206, leaving behind grieving Marina and Ursula.