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Glossary of terms and concepts used in the Mars trilogy.

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Accelerando: the new renaissance at the end of the 22nd century.

Aerobraking: a manoeuvre to decelerate spacecraft when they enter a planetary body's orbit by flying the craft in close proximity of the planet's atmosphere. The resulting air friction reduces the craft's speed. "Aero-" is Greek for air.

The Second Martian Revolution happened in 2127, simultaneously with the Great Flood on Terra. With this global revolution, Mars successfully acquired independence from Terra.

The causes and the preparation

Since none of the issues that caused the First Martian Revolution had been resolved, the Second Revolution had similar causes.

The Pavonis Mons Congress was held following the success of the Second Martian Revolution as a result of Mars's newly acquired independence. It resulted in the creation of a Martian government and the drafting of a constitution for Mars, for which the work done at the Dorsa Brevia Conference of the underground was an important starting base. The constitution was put to vote on February 27, 2128, local year M-52, and passed with 78%; 95% of the voting Martian population participated to the vote.

The following participated in the congress:

The First Martian Revolution happened in 2061, simultaneously with World War Three on Terra.

The causes

  • Desire to be independent from Terra.
  • Transnational rule over Martian affairs.
  • Discontent over living standards provided to workers by transnationals.
  • Disregard of the Martian environment by the transnationals.
  • Many riots and general unrest preceded the revolution. Frank Chalmers and Maya Toitovna tried to prevent things coming to a head without success.

The revolution

The conference of the Martian underground was held in Dorsa Brevia in circa 2107 (local year M-40). The idea of a conference was initiated by Art Randolph and spread by Art and Nirgal over the underground. The conference was organized by the Swiss from Overhangs. During the conference, Nadia Cherneshevsky realized she had important negotiating skills, Sax Russell and Ann Clayborne once again debated over terraforming and Praxis founder William Fort and other Praxis leaders came to visit from Terra.

The Third Martian Revolution happened over an extended period of time in the first quarted of the 23rd century. Unlike the previous two revolutions, this was a complex, smooth, non-violent revolution that resembled more a shift in values than a revolution.

The causes

  • Strict immigration policy on Mars.
  • Lower living standards on Terra.
  • Paradigm shift brought about by the second renaissance of the Accelerando.

The revolution


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