Zeyk Tuqan

Zeyk Tuqan was one of the first Martian colonists.

Zeyk Tuqan
Positions Miner
Affiliations Qahiran Mahjaris
Gender Male
Birth Awlad 'Ali, Egypt
Death -
Ancestors -
Descendants  ?

A Bedouin originary from Awlad 'Ali, the coast of Egypt west of the Nile delta, Zeyk moved in to Mars with his wife Nazik in the 2030s to escape the Egyptian government he considered immoral and discriminative of the Bedouin culture. I particular, after the discovery of an underground aquifer below Bedouin ground the colonization effort New Valley Project was launched, which was resulting in the Bedouin population becoming a minority, and many preferred emigration to Mars.

Zeyk became an important figure in the Arab community of Mars and befriended with Frank Chalmers. He traveled on Mars on a Bedouin and Arab mining caravanserai, which Frank joined for two years in 2057.

After the independence revolution of 2127, Zeyk became a member of the executive council of the first Martian government.

Later in the 22nd century, at which time the elderly were experiencing heavy memory loss due to a life unnaturally prolonged by the longevity treatment, Zeyk was a notable exception in that his memory was exceptionally clear, intact and detailed. Even though he didn't enjoy that burdening ability, he was very cooperative in participating in memory research, overseen by Drs. Smadar, Tokareva and Kohl, and assisted by Nazik.