Stan's Kitchen: A Robinson Reader is a collection of material written by Kim Stanley Robinson, published in 2020. It contains both fiction (extracts from novels, short stories, poems) and non-fiction material (introductions to books by other writers, articles published in print or online).

The Martians returns to the world of the Mars trilogy. It is a short story collection published in 1999. It consists of stories, poems, in-universe article excerpts, and even meta/autobiographical stories ("Purple Mars"). The stories do not necessarily take place in the same universe as the Mars trilogy, nor do all feature characters familiar to us from the trilogy.

Escape From Kathmandu is a collection of four short stories that follow a group of climbers in the Himalayas. Three of the stories had been previously published; the collected volume was published in 1989. Because of the similar characters and setting in the stories, Escape From Kathmandu could be considered as a novel.

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