2013 - Shaman

Discuss the novel Shaman

I'm catching up on KSR's work- my last read was Rice and Salt- so I slogged through Shaman.  Well worth the effort but a bit too long.  One question for whoever reads this:  "mamma mia"?  

As an appetiser to Shaman can II recommend 'Spirits of the Mothers' by Cristi Fernández Narvaíza? This pseudo-scientific book highlights the plight of our ancestors 15,000 years ago. The chapters skilfully alternate between a narrative followed by facts, figures and the author's conclusion. I read it in one sitting and wished other science based books used such style. I look forward to Shaman with this little book's knowledge in mind.

Ice age people exclaiming "mama mia"? Really? And that is just the one that made me find this book a joke and no longer only had me question whether it was written to make a deadline (which was not long into the book). There are so many of these weird one liner sayings that are all wrong for the context. Granted, I had never before read anything by the author but if this the usual style I doubt I will pick up another. Too bad, I do enjoy a good ice-age novel like those of Jean Auel and Michael and Kathleen O'Neal Gear's.

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