Peter Clayborne

Peter Clayborne was the son of areologists Ann Clayborne and Simon Frazier.

Peter Clayborne
Affiliations The demimonde
Gender Male
Birth ca.2048
Death -
Ancestors Ann ClayborneSimon Frazier
Descendants  ?

He was born circa 2048 on Mars, making him the 33rd child born on Mars (officially). Like his father, he was relaxed and introverted.

During the 2061 revolution he was on the space elevator when it was taken down by the rebels. By chance, he was found by a rebel spacecraft and survived. He was interested in space ever since.

He joined the Martian underground and as part of the demimonde he worked undercover with the Reds in space-related operations. During his stays in Zygote in the 2080s-2090s, Jackie fell for him but he was impassible to her; he was the only person to refuse her, which frustrated Jackie even more.

After 2107 he assisted Sax Russell in destroying the solar lens and driving Deimos out of its orbit. He "betrayed" the Reds and joined the Green natives during the independence revolution, becoming estranged with his mother at the same time.

In 2127, he was one of the seven members of the executive council of the first Martian government.