Simon Frazier

Simon Frazier was an English geologist, member of the First Hundred. He was one of the most important areologists of the early years and with Ann Clayborne they conducted some of the seminal work in their field.

Simon Frazier
Positions Areologist
Affiliations First HundredReds
Gender Male
Birth  ?
England, UK
Death ca.2091
Zygote, Mars
Ancestors -
Descendants Peter Clayborne

Simon Frazier. a very quiet power. English; public school education from age nine. He listens very closely, speaks well, but he says about one tenth as much as everyone else, which naturally gains him the reputation of a complete mute. He plays with this image, quietly. I think he likes Ann, who is like him in some ways, though not so extreme; in other ways very unlike. Ann does not joke with her image among the others, she is completely unaware of it American lack of self­consciousness, versus Simon's Brit irony.
- The Martians, p.14

Note: This information is from the story Michel In Antarctica from The Martians. Despite this story being non-canon, such information concerning character traits exclusively can be considered as canon. This story also mentions the English origins of Simon.

Quiet and taciturn in character, he was well appreciated by his peers. From the first years at Underhill he developed a romantic relationship with Ann, with whom he had a son, Peter, in 2047-2048. A Red, Simon kept in touch with John Boone despite his involvement in the terraforming effort.

After the First Martian Revolution in 2061 he was led to Zygote, where he lived making short areological expeditions with Ann around the south pole. He fell ill of leukemia and was taken care of in Zygote. His illness necessitated bone marrow transfusions and only young Nirgal shared Simon's rare blood type. During the transfusions, Simon and Nirgal became close friends. was in the last days of his life before he died in ca.2091. His funeral was the first in Zygote.