8 Jul 2010

Art corner: Carlos NCT

Submitted by Kimon

Carlos NCT is a friendly and up-and-coming illustrator from Spain, who has taken his love of KSR's Mars trilogy and applied it to his digital paintings. He has produced several pieces over the years, and went at it again recently:

Red Mars

Green Mars

Blue Mars

(you can click for bigness)

The three images above were actually part of a project to create mock covers for a fictional edition of the Mars trilogy (in Spanish). The project actually included much more material, such as bookmarks and pencil sketches. See also these "faces" drawings:

His other Mars-related work exhibits the same excellent use of colours and landscapes:

You can find more on the covers project, more Mars-related art and more artwork in general on Carlos' blog here and on his portfolio here.

¡Le deseamos mucho éxito!