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Earth, or Terra, is where you are. The Moon, or Luna, is Earth's natural satellite.


The USA and the USSR continued to be Earth's super-powers.


Private companies coalesced into transnationals and acted like the colonial empires of the 19th-20th centuries. They challenged national rule.

2061: World War Three

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Sabishii is an important Martian city, home of the planet's most famous university. It is located South of Burroughs, in Tyrrhena Patera, close to Jarry-Desloges Crater (275°, 15°S). Sabishii means "lonely" in Japanese.


Phobos was one of the two natural satellites of Mars, the other being Deimos. Its name means "fear" in Greek.

The first humans to arrive on it were a team of the First Hundred led by Arkady Bogdanov upon the arrival of the Ares in Mars space. During their initial settlement, they domed Stickney crater. They also secretly placed a system of remote controlled guidance jets that could drive Phobos out of its orbit and burn it in the atmosphere. At that time it was used as a communications satellite.

Odessa was a Martian city established in the first decade of the 22nd century that became an important seaside city.

The flooding of Hellas

Clarke was the name of the space station at the end of the first Martian space elevator. It was made of the same asteroid that was used to manufacture the elevator's cable. It was named after science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke housed offices of the Space Elevator Authority.

First elevator

The elevator was destroyed during the First Martian Revolution in 2061 by Bogdanovists, by igniting charges at the meeting point of the cable and Clarke.

The Ares was the spacecraft in which the first expedition to establish a colony traveled to Mars in 2026.

Artist's conception of the Ares approaching Mars. Art by Don Dixon.

The solar system has eight planets (as, since 2006, Pluto is no longer considered to be a planet) and many moons. In the late 22nd century, much of the solar system was settled and various terraforming projects existed on many of the planets and moons. Departing from the Sun, one can find:


Mercury was settled in the 22nd century. The train city Terminator was constructed, set on tracks so that it would always be on the terminator (the predawn shadow) between the cold of the night and the burning light of the Sun.

Sheffield was an important Martian city, home of the two successive space elevators and a hub for interplanetary trade and political decisions.

Situated in Pavonis Mons ("peacock mountain" in Latin), one of the big Tharsis volcanoes, at the planet's equator, it was the perfect candidate for being the receiving end of a space elevator.

First city

Mars is the fourth planet from the Sun, after Terra. The first unmanned mission to successfully land on Mars was Viking 1 in 1976. The first manned mission landed in 2020 and the first Man to walk on Mars was John Boone; his first words were "Well, here we are".

Mars has a gravity of .38 g.


Historically, Mars had two natural satellites, Phobos and Deimos. Phobos was destroyed and Deimos was driven away from Mars's orbit. An asteroid was thrust in Martian orbit to replace them, Pseudophobos.


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