The Novels Of Philip K. Dick is Kim Stanley Robinson's thesis for his Ph.D. in English literature; it was completed in 1982 and revised for publication in 1984. It is a literary review of the works of acclaimed American science fiction author Philip Kindred Dick, author of The Man In The High Castle, Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep, VALIS and many others.

Publication History

  • University of California San Diego, 1982
  • UMI Research Press, 1984
  • UMI Research Press, June 1989
  • Les Moutons Électriques, as Les Romans de Philip K. Dick (French Translation), June 2005
  • Shayol, as Die Romane Des Philip K. Dick (German Translation), November 2005

Additionally, excerpts of chapter 4 were included as the introduction to the German Translation of Philip K. Dick's The Man in the High Castle (Translated into German as Das Orakel vom Berge).


  • Heyne, Das Orakel vom Berge, 2000
  • Heyne, Das Orakel vom Berge, August 2008



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  • Galaxies, September 2005, Claude Ecken (in French)
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