Clarke was the name of the space station at the end of the first Martian space elevator. It was made of the same asteroid that was used to manufacture the elevator's cable. It was named after science fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke. Clarke housed offices of the Space Elevator Authority.

First elevator

The elevator was destroyed during the First Martian Revolution in 2061 by Bogdanovists, by igniting charges at the meeting point of the cable and Clarke.

Clarke was swung away from Mars at great speed. Those who were on Clarke, among them Phyllis Boyle, got all the Earth-to-Mars freighters out, linked them together, loaded all the supplies on them and left Clarke. They propelled themselves towards the Jovian system. After 10 weeks, they used Jupiter's gravity to swing them around towards Earth (becoming the fastest traveling humans in history in the process) and, with limited supplies, they safely reached Earth and survived.

New Clarke
In the late 21st century the second Martian space elevator was built and the space station was named New Clarke.

During the Second Martian Revolution in 2127, UNTA forces retreated there. From above, they resisted attempts by the Kakaze to destroy the cable.

The Third Martian Revolution began when Terrans took over New Clarke and the control of the elevator with armed forces. The situation was resolved peacefully.