19 Sep 2014

Exclusive: Time in the Novel

Submitted by Kimon

From the recent LonCon3 in August comes Kim Stanley Robinson's latest talk, "Time in the Novel". An exploration of literary techniques and of how different writers have written time passing, from the super-slow Proust to the super-fast Stapledon, addressing Virginia Woolf's and Olaf Stapledon's correspondence, the "show, don't tell" convention, the García Márquez revolution, the literary experiments of Virginia Woolf, William Golding and Patrick O'Brian, and the time passing per page metric, this is a massively enjoyable lecture from a lover of literature!

Credit goes to:

Lecture by Kim Stanley Robinson at LonCon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, Literature Talk 1477, Thu 14.08.2014 19:00 BST in Capital Suite 14, recorded by Martin Stricker http://www.martin-stricker.de/ for the Phonothek of the Science Fiction Club Germany e. V. http://www.sfcd.eu/

You can download a recording of the lecture [here] -- this is a KSR.info + SFCD exclusive!


Image credit: Book cover design for Virginia Woolf's "To The Lighthouse" by Melanie Smith