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Desmond Hawkins, often known as The Coyote was a stowaway in the Ares and was thus the unofficial hundred and first member of the First Hundred. An eternal anarchist, he was the most traveled man on Mars and his elusive nature made him the stuff of legend.

Ann Clayborne was an important member of the First Hundred. As a geologist, she was opposed to terraforming from the beginning and became the ideological founder of the Red movement. As terraforming progressed she became ever more moody and silent; she was the eternal opponent of Sax Russell until they reconciled towards the end of their lives.

The Martians returns to the world of the Mars trilogy. It is a short story collection published in 1999. It consists of stories, poems, in-universe article excerpts, and even meta/autobiographical stories ("Purple Mars"). The stories do not necessarily take place in the same universe as the Mars trilogy, nor do all feature characters familiar to us from the trilogy.

Blue Mars is the third volume of the Mars trilogy. It was first published in 1996.

Of much greater scope in space and time compared to the first two volumes, Blue Mars follows the characters we have come to know and love as Mars achieves independence and social justice and is successfully turned into an Earth-like planet that sustains life.

Green Mars is the second volume of the Mars trilogy. It was first published in 1993.

After the failed revolution in Red Mars, the survivors gather in the Martian underground and plan for the day they will achieve independence from Earth. But the agendas of the numerous groups of the underground differ greatly.

Red Mars is the first novel of the Mars trilogy, published to great acclaim in 1992.

It tells of the beginnings of the colonization of Mars, the beginnings of the efforts to terraform it and the tensions resulting from corporate forces from Earth exerting their influence on the developing Martian culture.


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Festival Night

Point of view: Frank

The Voyage Out

Point of view: Maya

The Crucible

Point of view: Nadia


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