6 Nov 2021

COP26 TED Countdown

Submitted by Kimon

KSR at the UNFCCC COP at Glasgow, UK

The third session of Countdown at COP26 features: Jane Zelikova (Ecosystem scientist, on soil as carbon sink), Gabrielle Walker (Carbon removal thinker), Lucas Joppa (Chief Sustainability Officer at Microsoft, on carbon markets) Hongqiao Liu (Journalist and policy expert, on China and climate), Kim Stanley Robinson (Author of “The Ministry for the Future”), Nemonte Nenquimo (Indigenous leader from Ecuador) and Naima Penniman (Multidimensional artist).

TED Countdown climate initiative: https://countdown.ted.com
TED Countdown talks: https://www.ted.com/series/countdown

Livestream on YouTube

November 6, 2021 (6:30-8pm GMT)

TED Countdown at COP26