Stan's Favorites

For those who want to have a good introduction to Stan's thoughts and ideas and for those who are already acquainted with his works and are hungry for more, this is a compilation of interviews considered to be Kim Stanley Robinson's most comprehensive and interesting. Mr. Robinson kindly contributed to the selection of the talks and interviews presented below.

A much fuller list of interviews (video, audio, print) can be found here at

Listed below are some Video, Audio and Print interviews.



"Science, Religion and Ideology" at Duke University (January 29, 2010)

Part 1 of 7 (click through the related videos to track the following parts)

Audio of the whole thing (launches iTunes)

Oregon State University: "Who Owns The Sky? - "The Future Is A Commons" (February 21, 2008)


Google and Climate Change, part of Google TechTalks (December 11, 2007) interview at the Utopiales 2006, Nantes, France (November 3, 2006)




UCTV: UCSD Guestbook (July 11, 2000)




Time and the Novel (August 14, 2014)
Lecture by Kim Stanley Robinson at LonCon 3, the 72nd World Science Fiction Convention, Litarature Talk 1477, Thu 14.08.2014 19:00 BST in Capital Suite 14, recorded by Martin Stricker for the Phonothek of the Science Fiction Club Germany e. V.
-- and an SFCD + exclusive!

I Should Be Writing podcast (February 11, 2009)
Conversation between James Patrick Kelly and Kim Stanley Robinson
Direct audio link

IT Conversations (April 4, 2007)
Dr. Moira Gunn speaks with Kim Stanley Robinson, author of "Forty Signs of Rain" and "Sixty Days and Counting." They consider one scenario of what America would be like if global warming predictions came true.
Direct audio link


Science Fiction Studies (July 2004)
Future Politics: An Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson (by Imre Szeman and Maria Whiteman)

Strange Horizons (August 15, 2005)
Interview: Kim Stanley Robinson (by Larre Jamneck)

LabLit (February 4, 2007)
The day after today: Interview with novelist Kim Stanley Robinson (by Jennifer Rohn)

PeaceWork Magazine (July 10, 2008)
Robust Utopias: A Conversation with Science Fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson (by Sam Diener)

BLDGBLOG (December 19, 2007)
Comparative Planetology: An Interview with Kim Stanley Robinson (Geoff Manaugh)

Infinity Plus (October 2009)
Wilderness, Utopia, History: an interview with Kim Stanley Robinson (by Nick Gevers)