Science In The Capital trilogy

The Science In The Capital trilogy consists of three novels by Kim Stanley Robinson that explore the interaction of science and politics in the United States capital, Washington, D.C.. They were also marketed as the Capital Code trilogy and have also been called the 40/50/60 novels. An omnibus edition, but with compressed and amended text, came out under the title Green Earth.

Because of their basis in realistic situations, their depiction of topical themes and their setting in a time quasi-concurrent with the present at the time of their writing, they are notable for the sense of urgency that transpires from them. Serious weight is given to the need to tackle climate change on both national policy and international relations levels. They were written during the presidency of George W. Bush, whose ideology and policy-making was opposed to taking any action that was significant enough on these matters.

The three novels are:

SC1 Forty Signs of Rain.jpg

Forty Signs Of Rain 

SC2 Fifty Degrees Below.jpg

Fifty Degrees Below 

SC3 Sixty Days and Counting.jpg

Sixty Days And Counting 

Green Earth 
Compressed omnibus (2015)

Themes and concepts

  • Abrupt climate change and the thermohaline circulation in the Gulf Stream
  • Modern urban lifestyle and "repaleolithization"
  • Capitalism and permaculture
  • The prisoner's dilemma and morality
  • Optimodal living and Buddhism
  • Emerson and transcendentalism
  • Scientific research, the merit review process and science in politics
  • Runaway surveillance and intelligence agencies

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  • Frank Vanderwal
  • The Quiblers
    • Charlie Quibler
    • Anna Quibler
    • Joe Quibler
    • Nick Quibler
  • Phil Chase
  • Diane Chang
  • Caroline Churchland

The trilogy shares some characters with the novel Antarctica, more specifically US Senator Phil Chase and his envoyé to Antarctica Wade Norton.


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The main setting for the trilogy is, of course, the nation's capital, Washington. There are frequent visits to California, a hub for biotechnologies research, and occasional visits to other places around the world (the island nation of Khembalung, the Atlantic ocean, China).


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