Jackie was an important Martian political leader, the daughter of Kasei and Esther. John Boone was her grandfather through Kasei, and even though she never met him Jackie admired him greatly and she adopted the name Jackie Boone.

Jackie Boone
Positions Free Mars leader
Affiliations The demimonde, Free Mars
Gender Female
Birth ca.2077
Death -
Ancestors Kasei, Esther
Descendants Zo

Early life in Zygote

Jackie was born in the Martian underground (probably Zygote) in ca.2077, in a natural birth. She grew up with the ectogene children of Zygote. From very young, she used her beauty and charisma to gather a following and exert power. Peter Clayborne was the only one who was insensible to her charms, which unnerved her greatly particularly because Peter was the only one for whom she had genuine feelings.

Since childhood, she bore an ambiguous relationship of love and competition in leadership with Nirgal. As part of the demimonde, she studied at Sabishii University.

She was an admirer of John Boone, whose work she thoght she continued -- though that opinion was not shared by everyone.

Free Mars leader

She became a charismatic leader of Free Mars and made many friends, lovers and followers along her political career. She helped greatly to prepare the second revolution, though her impatience made her clash often with Maya.

Political career in the Martian government

After the revolution, she became a member of the executive council of the first Martian government. She continued to be the leader of Free Mars during the long years of its super-majority. She took the treatment many times, so much so that she looked like 30 even at an advanced age. She bore a child (the old-fashioned natural way), a daughter Zo, whose father's identity only Jackie knew. She used Zo as her ambassador in the other planets of the solar system, always trying to extend her sphere of influence and win over territory from Terra.

Departure from Mars

Her dislike of Terra, her ever-conspiring following and her growing age made her weary of political life. After Zo's death late in the 22nd century, she accompanied the Dorsa Brevians in a journey away from Mars, on an asteroid world headed towards a new solar system in a star near Aldebaran.


In the short story Jackie On Zo in The Martians, Jackie reveals that Nirgal really was the father.