Martian constitution

The Martian constitution is the basis of the Martian government.

It was drafted following the Second Martian Revolution which had resulted in the independence of Mars from Terran rule. It was based on elements discussed and agreed upon by the Martian underground in the Dorsa Brevia Conference of 2107. The constitution was written in the Pavonis Mons Congress in 2128 and put to vote to the Martian population on February 27, 2128 (M-52); it was passed with 78%, with 95% of the voting Martian population participating to the vote.

Following the ratification, Charlotte Dorsa Brevia, who had participated to its drafting, published some notes and commentary.

The constitution consists of eight articles.

  • Article 1: Legislative Department
  • Article 2: Executive Department
  • Article 3: Judicial Department
  • Article 4: The Global Government and the Towns and Settlements
  • Article 5: Individual Rights And Obligations
  • Article 6: The Land
  • Article 7: Amendments to the Constitution
  • Article 8: Ratification of the Constitution