7 Jul 2009

Launch of KimStanleyRobinson.info

Submitted by Kimon

Welcome to KimStanleyRobinson.info !

This site is dedicated to the works of Kim Stanley Robinson, and the discussion of the issues presented in them.

This site was created because for years I felt that there was a vacuum to be filled, that a place for those who appreciate KSR to gather was necessary. Despite its potential, a place such as this did not exist and as a result efforts to gather and discuss and inform were disparate and died off. KSR.info aims to be the reference site for all things KSR, and hopefully even more.

A significant part of KSR.info is MangalaWiki, an encyclopedia on the works of KSR that you can help to build. KSR.info will also touch upon themes, issues and subjects addressed in KSR's works -- the environment, politics, soft and hard science -- and on that point as well, you can be a part of what is posted and discussed. The focus of this site is international and not necessarily english-speaking.

Through the following days I will be adding content to this site, so do check back to see how it is growing. This is an evolving effort and I am counting on the contributions of visitors and members to make this a community-based website. Find out how you can contribute here, and register to the encyclopedia wiki here!