9 Jan 2012

2312 in 2012

Submitted by Kimon

To kick of 2012, an article on 2312, Kim Stanley Robinson's next novel that will be a kind of sort of sequel to the acclaimed Mars trilogy!

Last November, Kim Stanley Robinson did a reading for SF in SF, the first public reading for 2312. He read several extracts to give a taste of the patchwork style of the novel, and fellow writer Cecilia Holland joined him for a chapter, Stan and Cecilia reading for the main character and her sentient (?) computer discussing on revolution -- very entertaining and very topical for our times!

Agony Column, as always, provides a podcast for the event: full reading, and the Robinson/Holland Revolution part only.

2312 is also mentioned in a short and sharp interview for the radio station KPCC done on the occasion of the publication of the anthology I'm with the Bears (review), in which is featured "Sacred Space", an extract from Sixty Days And Counting.

Alistair Reynolds lists 2312 as one of his most-awaited SF novels for the year in the Guardian books podcast.

(Pictured: A Mayan calendar. Of course.)